stainless pump

ALB series AQUASPA professional hot spring & pool pump

-IP55 waterproof standard

-Big flow rate


-Maximum working pressure up to 6 kg/cm²

-316 stainless steel shaft

-Graphite/Ceramic mechanical seal

-Suitable for maximum hot water temperature up to 70℃

ALB ALB 曲线 ALB 尺寸1
Model ALB-550/ALB-750/ALB-1000/ALB-1250/ALB-1500
Voltage 380V/50Hz
Power 4.0/5.5/7.5/9.0/11KW
Lift max 16.5/16.5/18.5/18.5/19.2m
Rate of flow (max) 85/96/128/151/165m³/h
Length 810/830/930/930/970mm
Width 375mm
Height 481/481/496/496/496mm