PPL series AQUASPA professional hot spring & pool pump

AB series AQUASPA professional hot spring & pool pump

AQUASPA Swimming pool circulating pump

Founded in 2016, Zhejiang Chuangdi Water Treatment Equipment Co., Ltd. is a registered capital of 10 million, mainly engaged in water treatment equipment research and development and manufacturing, is a domestic professional production of swimming pool pump treatment plant, since the company was founded two years ago, a large number of people of insight came to cooperate. At present, the factory mainly produces swimming pool pumps, each pump has been strictly tested before leaving the factory to ensure that each pump quality standards. Vision of the company: We are committed to providing better products and services for the development and upgrading of water treatment equipment,And to be the excellent water treatment equipment company Honesty- the foundation of business success With our sincerity, we win the trust of the society and base ourselves on the world. Solidarity - the guarantee of enterprise-s success Cultivate a good team spirit and work together with one heart and one mind. Pragmatism - the foundation of business success Be down to earth, seek truth from facts, from their own start, with dedication, love post to reflect the "user first" business purpose. Dedication - the source of success With our youth and talents, we can create inexhaustible fruits and realize the desire of "serving the country by industry". Get rich rewards while increasing knowledge and improving knowledge.
AQUASPA high performance hot spring and pool pump is widely used

Since the founding of Zhejiang Chuangdi factory, They aiming at the characteristics of hot springs, swimming pools and SPA equipments in China, such as frequent start-up, high pressure, long time and ....

the AQUASPA pump is used for a swimming pool project in Chengdu

The AQUASPA professional hot spring & pool pumps which manufactured by the Zhangjiang Chuangdi factory are used For a swimming pool project in Chengdu the circulating water pump. The beautiful swi....

Circulating water pump for a swimming pool project

A circulating water system for a swimming pool project in Beijing used the pumps manufactured by Zhejiang Chuangdi water treatment equipmentCo.,Ltd. And this is the real picture of the machine room.....

    Relationship between pump head and intake and outlet water

    High lift pump for low lift pumping Many machine operators think that the lower the pumping head is, the smaller the load of the motor is. Under the misguidance of such misunderstandings, when choo....

    How to deal with the idling of the pump?

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